About Reflexology
Reflexology is a holistic therapy that aims to bring the whole body  back to balance.  The therapy of reflexology, as well as Reiki therapy, is based on the idea that health giving energy flows around the body. When this energy flows freely, physical and mental well-being is maintained.  If the flow is blocked or stagnant, we become unwell or unhappy. By applying gentle pressure to the points of your hands, feet, ears and face - known as reflexes-you can stimulate energy and release any blockages. A reflexologist will gently work a tender point, which helps to break down waste deposits and restore energy.

Drawings below show that we have the representation of our body organs in our feet, hands, face and ears. No wonder that knowing that and massaging properly can be very therapeutic.

As representative parts of our body, our hands and feet play an important role of checking functions of our internal organs. A lot of blood vessels are concentrated in our hands and feet, with some 20,000 more reflex spots distributed in hands than in feet. Fourteen stems of blood vessels extended throughout the whole body, with "the regions for acupuncture" are concentrated on our hands and feet. Organ trouble keeps energy from flowing and affects the organs through blood vessels. Stimulation on the appropriate "regions for acupuncture" on our hands or feet corresponding to the organ will relieve us from pressure pain and promotes out health.

Reflexology with Reiki or Reiki with Reflexology?

Reflexology is a known alternative medicine service. However adding the power of Reiki energy to this makes a Reiki-Reflexology or Reflexology with Reiki a very unique holistic and therapeutic experience.The difference is only in the focus either on Reiki or on reflexology.

The majestic design of our body always amazes me. The science tells us that each of the 55 trillions of cells in the body has some ability to understand and to store information. Also our energy field has the same ability. We can affect our lungs by massaging the top of our feet, or reduce the allergy symptoms by properly massaging the top of our ears. High blood pressure troubles you? There is a combination of points on your face which when massaged regularly can reduce or eliminate it. There is a sequence of points which will bring a relieve to many symptoms.

Pictures on this page have been scanned from "The Reflexology Atlas" by Bernard C. Kolster, MD and "Facial Reflexology" by Marie-France Muller, M.D.
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