Learn about Reiki

"I know of only one duty, and it is to love" - Albert Camus, 1913-1960, French Author and Philosopher

Reiki Energy Concept

Reiki is an energy based Japanese holistic healing system for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This healing system, which is known as Usui Shiki Rayoho Reiki, was originally developed by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki treatment is based on the idea that an unseen universal life force (Ki) energy (Rei) flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is disturbed, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is balanced, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The frequency of Reiki is a basic use of electro-magnetic field around a human body to induce a sense of peace and tranquility, alleviate fear, and allow the receiver and the practitioner to simultaneously receive energy and send the energy. In the state od deep relaxation the self-healing mechanisms of the receiver's body are activated and the process of healing is initiated. We are all made of energy, even our physical body is. It is explained under "About Energy Bodies."

Reiki has no dogma and there is nothing you must believe to learn to use Reiki or to receive Reiki. Reiki works with all religions and beliefs.

A practitioner channels this loving energy through the light touch of hands on the body, or through the client's energy field, which results in a systematic treatment that covers all organs and energy systems of the body. This energy has an intelligence far beyond what we can understand; our bodies utilize this energy to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What is Reiki?
  • Reiki is energy.
  • Reiki is a method of energy transfer which brings a state of deep relaxation in which the self-healing process starts.
  • Reiki is a new way of living according to its principles:
    • Just for today don't get angry
    • Just for today don't worry
    • Just for today be grateful
    • Just for today work hard
    • Just for today be kind to others

I practice the Reiki principles and understand their applicability. I pass this information on my students and clients alike. We discuss for example the meaning of "just for today" and analyze the applicability of strong statements "don't worry, don't get angry", etc. Do you think that you may live up to these principles? Do you have right to express yourself even in an angry way? Can you see any contradiction here? I have the answers.

Research and Literature on Reiki Energy effectiveness

There is a web site dedicated to collecting, documenting and publicizing the information about medical effects of Reiki therapy.
It is intended to promote Reiki use in hospitals and to connect Reiki practitioners of different lineages, their patients and physicians through summarizing and providing medical information about Reiki therapy.
I advise all medical personnel to check out this web site before deciding for themselves or their patients not to try the alternative energy healing parallel to the medical treatment.

The Reiki session should never be treated as a substitute to medical treatment, but experience shows that Reiki treatment done in conjunction with medical treatment is beneficial even in cases of very serious illnesses. At the Reiki Wisdom Sanctuary we say that this is here where East meets West. While the western medicine focuses in the illness' outcome and treats its effect, the eastern Reiki philosophy looks for the reason of an illness which can be found in a form of aura disrupted energy block, which is treatable by removal or balancing.

A book "The Spirit of Reiki" by Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand, which I recommend as a text book in my classes, presents a chapter "Healing Techniques According to Dr. Chuijro Hayashi." This chapter presents many recommendations how to heal with Reiki energy discomforts and illnesses located in head, in digestive organs, talks about respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, problems with urinary organ diseases, gives recommendations for 16 neurological diseases and 12 infectious diseases. There is another source which may be helpful for the present Reiki II and above practitioners when helping people out.

Researchers have proven that our mental state has a direct impact on our body. If you're stressed or worried - you stand a better chance of getting sick. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool - and when you use it correctly - you'll be able to get back on track, discover what you want and why, and start creating wonderful opportunities in your life. Reiki energy plays a catalytic reaction of bringing a person from a low vibrating state to a better state of mind.

Usui Shiki Rayoho Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Kundalini Reiki Systems.

You do not need to know the following information to fully benefit from your Reiki session. Read it if you are curious. It is not my intention to confuse you.

The original Usui Shiki Rayoho Reiki energy described above is perfectly suited to balance and heal the body, to cleanse the four lower chakras (the root, sacral, plexus and heart chakras) and keep them in touch with the mental and spiritual realms through the communication with the upper chakras (the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. When you experience pains or any illness which has manifested already in the body, the Usui Reiki session is appropriate for you.

Karuna Reiki® has it's roots in Usui and Tibetan Reiki and developed from experimentation with new symbols and attunement techniques. During this process, a knowingness awakened that there was something greater waiting to be uncovered. Many sensitive to energy healers started channeling new symbols and many others experimented and meditated on them. Slowly a new energy paradigm was established and its name reveled: Karuna. Karuna Reiki name was registered by William Lee Rand, a leader for the International Center for Reiki Training.

Karuna Reiki is a healing energy that assists us in awakening to the universal compassion, and helps us to become compassionate to ourselves also. Karuna Reiki can help us understand that we are always precisely where we need to be in our life's path, although we often think that it is not a case. We can easier realize the power we all have, and we start using it wisely.

Karuna Reiki Session is suitable to help regain balance in mental disturbances like depression, addictive behavior, anxiety. The energetic essence of the Karuna symbols help us develop an awareness of parts of our personality that have been blocking us, or perhaps causing us to doubt our inner guidance. The energy behind specific Karuna symbols is also excellent in cellular memory release, particularly memory of pain (emotional and physical).

Hear are few situations I would not hesitate to use appropriate frequencies of three levels Karuna Reiki System: allergies, anxiety, bleeding, cellular memory release, chakra balancing, chemotherapy, delusion and denial, developing healthy habits, karmic issues, mental focus and grounding, physical injuries, resistance to healing and spiritual growth.

Kundalini Reiki System

Kundalini is a dormant, condensed, primal healing force. When released, it creates a vertical connection between the chakras by opening the subtle channels known as nadi, most specifically, the central channel that moves up the spine called sushumna. The intense energy of Kundalini undulates in the body in the snake-like fashion as it rises through the chakras.

Kundalini Reiki System is focused toward healing the physical and mental processes along with a connection to the guidance of Ascended Master Kuthumi. Master Kuthumi bestowed the Kundalini Reiki System on Ole Gabrielsen from Denmark. Gabrielsen started teaching this new energy system and attuning people to channel energy under the Kuthumi's guidance. I am attuned to the Kundalini Reiki System Master level. During the subsequent attunements my main energy channel (sushumna) was widened and cleared sufficiently so that if the Kundalini flame were to spontaneously ignite, there would be plenty of room for it to rise without obstruction or impedance. This is one of the main reasons that Kundalini Reiki is the antidote to improper Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is basically a healing force, but its effects can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Such effects may last for minutes, days, months, or even years. Under certain circumstances, the Kundalini energy awakens and begins to rise through the body, piercing and opening the chakras as she moves in her undulating, snake-like fashion. As Kundalini releases stored and blocked energies, her movement can be quite intense, sometimes painful, and often leads to mental states that seem out of this world.

When I invite Kundalini Reiki during a session I always ask Ascended Master Kuthumi to assist me in the process of gently undulation of Kundalini healing force within my client's body. I may be advised to follow the guidance to use one of the many frequencies, like: Kundalini Reiki, Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki or Past Life Reiki, to which I was initiated on the Master Level.

Blend of Usui, Karuna and Kundalini may be also very effective when intended to serve the highest good of the client. The energy goes through the Master and not by the Master. Eva is only a channel.