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Eva, Reiki Master
One Goal: Total Well Being Self Management for the Body, Mind and Spirit
"There is nothing either good or bad... but thinking makes it so" - William Shakespeare

The past four years brought me a clear realization, that I am a Teacher. This comes not only when I teach formal classes on Reiki. I teach new ways of living every time I see a client for a Reiki session or any other service. A simple statement: "We are not our behaviors and our beliefs" could be the basis of a teaching curriculum, using variety of tools to allow us to discover who we really are.

Therefore, I realized that I always spend a substantial part of a session just teaching, engaging into helpful discussions, or mental/spiritual exercise, which always ends up by immersing a client into a balancing and healing energy of Reiki. I teach and I coach. I coach about life choices, about motivation for change, I offer monthly gatherings, engaging our minds into creative manifestations, etc.

Our first meeting for Reiki, 90 minute service, starts with a discussion so that I understand your needs. Following the talk, you will receive a 45-60 minute Reiki session to raise the level of your comfort with the energy and to understand how it feels. For me it is the opportunity to tune into your energy field and understand your needs on a deeper level. By the end of our session I will present to you the most beneficial for you follow-up treatment.

Below is a tabulated overview of my services. For more details you may go to the appropriate page.

Reiki Wisdom Services Overview
Time commitment
Reiki Session
Uses broad frequency of one or several types of Reiki to bring the body into deep relaxation, when the healing may start.
Heals the body and the mind.
For those experiencing physical or emotional pain or illness; wanting to improve their immune system; seeking balance in mental disturbances like depression, addictive behavior, or simply wanting to relax.
From weekly to monthly visits or as needed
Tree of Life Reiki Session with Nine Archangels Meditative Reiki session when Archangels are called to assume the position around the body, what forms like Tree of Life. Archangels share their unique energy and messages with a recipient. Long term benefits are expected, particularly when certain important decisions related to life purpose are made by an energy recipient. As needed
Distance Healing
Uses sacred channels to bridge time and space and send healing energy
Helps physical and mental healing by acceptance, trust, and believe that when it is asked, it is given.
For those who need Reiki services but are unable to attend the Reiki Wisdom center in Fairfax
15 minutes of meditation allowing the energy to enter the aura. As needed.
Healing Attunement
The use of interview, meditation and attunement to place and lock sacred energy of Reiki in strategic chakras.
Helps to remove blockages and empowers people to meet their goals.
For those struggling to make improvement in prevention and healing, in removing negativity from their life, and meet their goals.
The energy is sealed for 90 days. The process can be repeated as needed.
Aura Cleansing
Identifying psychological problems and cleansing the aura to remove energy blocks outside of the energy field. It can be combined with the Reiki Session.
Helps to remove negative or foreign external energy.
For those who want to feel cleansed and refreshed.
As needed.
Meridian Check-up
Tests the energy meridians for blockages
Helps identify techniques for correcting energy imbalance.
For those who have "untreatable" and unexplained illnesses or pains, take many medicines with possible side effects, etc.
As needed.
Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT works by accessing the more primitive parts of the brain and therefore works on the subconscious processes rather than focusing on the cognitive and conscious prefrontal cortex. It also accesses the subtle energies of the acupressure and acupuncture points and the meridian system in Chinese medicine.
Fastest way to release your physical and emotional pain.

For those who want to release performance anxiety, anger, fear, phobias, emotional traumas, addictions, cravings, and first of all physical pain

As needed

Life Coaching Wisdom Program

A highly customized process when I may use the intuition as a healer, and many techniques from the energy psychology field, Reiki, EFT, ThetaHealing, Reconnective Healing to meet client's needs. There is teaching, there are exercises, practices on removing unwanted emotions and believes involved. The client is always immersed in the healing energy of Karuna Reiki.
Empowers people to know that they are not their behaviors and they are not their beliefs systems which can be changed when you learn how to do it.
For those who feel stuck in life, emotionally overwhelmed. Also for those who struggle with serious illnesses, like cancer, Fibromyalgia, lime disease, etc. when external treatment with drugs is not efficient.
As needed, long term program customized to your needs. Price for the treatment may be modified to be affordable, particularly if prepaid.
Manifesting Desires and Book Club
Monthly gathering to apply the Law of Attraction and manifest desires. Program is posted. It includes by-monthly discussions of selected books and presentations on "hot" topics. A free 15 minute group healing follows.
A wonderful social gathering of like-minded people with free exchange of thoughts and ideas.
For those who want to learn how to live a better and more productive lives by trusting the power of their minds.
Reiki Classes
Learning different arcane of Reiki channeling, differentiated by specific types of Reiki Healing Systems and their levels.
You are totally changed on all levels.
For those ready to make positive impact on themselves, their immediate surroundings, on the planet and the Universe.
Specific for a different level learned, according to the class program.
There are many methods and techniques which may help you restore the emotional energy balance, particularly if combined with Reiki energy. One method is not necessarily better then the other. Consulting with a client I use my intuition and experience to recommend one path or the other. Quite often the combination of them (The Reiki Wisdom unique treatment) brings a swift result. Whatever method we use is only helpful to discover that the miracle of health and balance in lying within. This is our body-mind-spirit trio which is powerful enough to start the self healing process if allowed to do it. All techniques are helpful in this initiation state of allowing.
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