Reiki Wisdom Aura Cleansing
Aura Cleansing with Reiki Energy

The energy fields around the human body is created by the movement of energy and consciousness within the chakras. The first energy that comes from the body is the etheric field. It is a belief that that the etheric body is the energetic twin to your physical body, when many healing activities can be performed what will eventually affect the physical state. This is the very first energy body which is "visited" by a Reiki practitioner with the intention to heal.

The energy field is also associated with your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields and your emotions also put out electromagnetic fields. This changes constantly as your emotions change. Different colors and patterns can be visible. However, most people have tuned them out, so we don't know they are there. The energy can be also perceived as vibration, temperature change, movement or lack of movement, tingling sensations, pulling or pushing away sensations. Sometimes one color (or one vibration) can be very stubborn and needs attention. Stationary patterns frequently herald a problem, a block which needs to be removed or push into motion.

The Russian Doll in color layers is not what we can expect to see when perceiving a human aura I refer to seeing, but it can be felt by other senses too. The more probable picture of places in the aura can be represented by a swirl of energy on the right picture. I could interpret that as presence of fear and confusion, but other explanations (or lack of them) can be reveled during the session.

Aura Cleansing is one of the two different Energy Services being offered at the Reiki Wisdom center, which actively involve both Reiki Master and a Client.

It is composed of two major steps:

  • psychological problem identification (involvement of a client) and
  • aura cleansing to remove energy blocks outside of the energy field .

However, for a master there are many phases during aura cleansing, of which a client is not even aware of.

The process can be done on a massage table or in a standing or sitting/meditating position, depending of a characteristics and a position of the energy block. Sometimes this process is called "aura surgery" and is done by a master during a regular session if the energy block is spotted in the Master's Third Eye awareness. However it is more effective if both a client and a practitioner are focused together on the energy block to be removed.

Comparing the Aura Cleansing with the Healing Attunement it needs to be said that this process does not involve imbedding the energy of the Reiki sacred symbols on a client. Symbols are only used on a master involved in the aura surgery. This is like taking a shower, after which you feel refreshed. However the next day you need to wash your body again. The aura cleansing is effective as a part of treatment which I will customize for you, depending on your needs.

This is a 60 minute service for the price of $60.


How to Receive Aura Cleansing Treatment

You need to send me an appointment form, selecting all pertinent options. I will respond within 24 hours.