Reiki Wisdom Healing Attunement
About the Healing Attunement service
The Healing Attunement is one of the two different Energy Services being offered at the Reiki Wisdom center, which actively involve both a Reiki Master and a Client. The other one is Aura Cleansing.

The Healing Attunement provides energy to succeed in the areas of healing and prevention, removing negative energy blocks and empowering goals. This sacred session composed of meditation, interview and attunement opens your chakras, invites healing process on all levels, empowers you to meet your goals.

Healing and Prevention

A Reiki attunement can be given for healing purposes.  This attunement brings in high frequency healing energies which are more powerful and effective than those given during a regular Reiki treatment.  If done before the Aura Clearing and a regular Reiki treatment, it will make the treatment more effective by opening the aura and creating a more receptive state. The healing attunement also creates the opportunity for your guides to work with you in a more powerful way.  It is a sacred process.  This attunement does not initiate you into Reiki and can be done on anyone. It wears off in ninety days and may need to be repeated.  A Healing Attunement can be administer every 21 days on a client, but the energy is effective for 90 days. One can accumulate energy for a more intense empowerment. The Healing Attunement must be done in private with no one watching and with the client’s eyes closed.

Removing Negative Energy

The Reiki Healing Attunement is highly effective in removing negative energy from a person. It will remove negative energy in the physical body, aura and chakras and work to help release any blocks of your choice.
When giving you this Healing Attunement I will advise you to be willing to let go of any block and any other conditions in your life that the block may have created.  You must be willing to make important changes in attitude about themselves and issues causing problems.  You will need to focus on the block with the intention of releasing it during the healing attunement.

Empowering Goals

The healing attunement can also be used to empower goals.  If there is a goal the person has had trouble achieving, it is likely that there is something that needs to heal before it can be even achieved. There may be unconscious negative feelings and thoughts about the goal that are blocking its achievement such as fear of failure or fear of success.  These blocks can be focused on by you as the receiving person, and you will cause them to be released during the Healing Attunement. You have a mind power to do it!
During the Healing Attunement, it is also possible to receive insight about the goal and guidance in making plans.  Sometimes a particular goal is not in harmony with a person’s life path.  If this is to case, the person may be made aware of this during the healing attunement.
I will advise you as my client to focus on the goal and be willing to take responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to achieve it while being open to new ideas and attitudes about it. A willingness to release unconscious negative attitude about the goal is also necessary.

Selected Paths to Healing

  • Soothing of resistance is a path to healing
  • Stopping blaming yourself is a path to healing
  • Accepting yourself the way you are is a path to healing
  • Letting go of wanting to control is a path to healing
  • Letting go of wanting to change is a path to healing
  • Letting go of wanting to understand is a path to healing


How can you benefit from the Healing Attunement?
The Healing Attunement is a rare occasion when you can see your problem in a totally different light comparing with your own way. Through a guided visualization you will know how to work your way towards the expected change. The difference between your normal, everyday decisions about the needed change is, that your aura will be filled with specific frequency of sacred Reiki symbols and this energy will be locked for 90 days. This gives you a substantial ample of time to work your problem out within the loving energy of Reiki.

How to Receive Healing Attunement

You need to send me an appointment form, selecting the pertinent option. I will respond within 24 hours. The service is approximately 90 minute long. Call me if you want to chat about it: 703.474.0055