Healing for the Earth

Healing for the Earth - Work on connecting to the Oneness of All. Help the Planet in the Ascension.

You Heard Your Call To Help the Mother Earth; Act upon it NOW

Eva and Victoria are co-sponsoring and co-leading a monthly ceremony to heal, balance, release obstacles from the energy within and around the Planet. We meet on last Saturdays of a month from 10 AM to 1:30 PM in Victoria's office at 3022 Javier Rd, Suite 217, Fairfax, VA 22031. Please confirm your attendance by calling Victoria at 571.344.4673

The ceremony is open to all who are willing to dive deeply into their intuitive powers (we all have this), express your loving intentions, follow a guided meditation and share what you got.

Schedule for Healing for the Earth Ceremonies

August 27, 2011

October 1 , 2011

October 29, 2011

November 26, 2011

December 31, 2011 - no event; Project your loving wishes for the Earth on the last day of this year.

I highly recommend you watch the video available from this link. Put yourself in the loving mood for this Planet.


Current program for October 1, 2011:   We will focus on Egypt and Israel for this session. We will also do more in the cosmos including working with council of 12, peace council, intergalactic and inter universal councils. Let me know if you can make it.

In August 2011,we went out infinite universes including going to stars we are from to know who we are. We brought in light to heal the Amazon Rain Forest and many other places. We also worked with crop circles and the hallowed Earth.

In July 2011 we had another profound Earth Healing with work in Egypt, Tibet, and in the Oceans most notably playing with the dolphins who make us laugh with all their joy! and the majesty of the whales as well.

Victoria says: For those that participated in work in the Amazon months ago, Spirit told me I have no idea of what a tremendous shift came with this work as hearing echoes of we love you multi universes out, as we sent tremendous light into the Rain Forest for healing. We prayed for and crossed over into the light those valiant that spoke their truth in slowing down the deforestation of the Brazilian Rain Forest that were murdered. Since then, the President is tending to support legislation to protect the Rain Forest due to mass numbers of Brazilians coming out to support this. So thank-you for those that came to send light.

Who is Victoria?

Victoria is a medium, healer and teacher  that works with people healing on the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. Victoria has worked since 1996 successfully healing hundreds of people. She is known for her deep level of compassion and a nurturing presence of heart. She is a master alchemist with plants and has worked with medicinal plants through the world. She channels plants and creates homeopathic formulations to increase one's light frequency.

She is a master healer for the Earth. Victoria is renowned for her mastery in Ley Line work, leading groups and teaching to support the Earth Ascension.

Victoria has studied metaphysics with her mentor Wanda Lasseter Lundy for 12 years and with ancient indigenous healers for many years traveling internationally in South America, India, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Russia.  She grew up rich in Russian traditions as her ancestors were physicians, scientists, musicians and healers. Siberia is the heart center of Indigenous healing in the Russian ancient tradition.

Her Native American Elder named her "Medicine Bear Spirit" in traditional ceremony and her Elders in her native Russian tradition call her "Walking Between Worlds" for her mastery as Shape Shifter.

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