Meridian Checkup Service
Meridian Energy Checkup Service
When you go to a physician with your pains or suspected illness the first decision is to send you to be tested. Blood, stool analysis at the minimum are very helpful tools for your doctor to select a proper treatment. At Reiki Wisdom I believe that a balanced energy in your body is a starting point of your well being. During a Reiki session I may sense the disturbance in the energy flow, or you may be a source of this information. For example people with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), or those undergoing a chemotherapy have so many issues in their bodies, that the right start would be to run energy tests on them. Persistent migraines, back pains, shoulder pains almost routinely show disturbance in at least some of the meridians.

Energy tests for each meridian in a body are based on muscle testing according to the procedure presented in a book Energy Medicine by Dana Eden. My experience shows that there is a clear relationship between pains experienced by FMS patients and the response of a blocked meridian. The blocked meridian can be reactivated and put back to work. Therefore it is a great deal to focus on smooth energy flow in order to improve the level of comfort of suffering people. Similarly a disrupted energy in one or many of your chakras when pacified can improve the work of your body organs.

What to expect?

I will explain to you what is the function of meridians in your body if after reviewing the information on my website you will still have some questions.

You will be fully clothed and comfortably standing. I will run on you several blank test, so both of us will communicate what YES and NO means in terms of your body response. I will guide you how with your involvement we will be able to get a response from your meridians on the present energy level.

I will present you with the results and we will discuss the next sequence of proposed treatments to eliminate or at least improve your present health situation.

Correcting imbalances in your meridians may include

  • stretching and twisting alarm points
  • flushing a meridian
  • neurolymphatic massage
  • holding acupuncture strengthening points
  • allow Reiki energy to balance energy in meridians by beaming a specific Reiki energy from a position of the etheric field
  • other solutions which may be come obvious intuitively
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