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Reiki Services at Reiki Wisdom

Reiki Classes

Teaching is provided on all levels.  Classes are being currently scheduled. The prerequisite reiki session (90 minutes, $60) is recommended, so the student and the master can get to know each other before they embark on a teaching/learning process.

Know your prerequisites before registering for any of Karuna Reik class.

Gift Certificates are available

For $100 your loved one will receive a full body 90 minute Reiki Session for relaxation. His/her concerns will be addressed and the follow-up action will be proposed. As a bonus, if a follow-up session will be scheduled, the cost for the second session will be discounted to $70.

If you are interested purchasing a gift certificate, infom me by email who is the receipient.

After paing $100 through the PayPal service download a gift certificate to your MS Word program, fill the information to whom and from whom, save it on your computer. Email the attached file to the person you paid the session for. He/She will print it and bring it to me for the scheduled session.

I appreciate you calling or emailing me about your gift transaction.

Pay $100 for a Gift Certificate here