Reiki Classes in Staunton, VA

Reiki Classes in Staunton, VA

Who could benefit from Reiki classes?

Anybody whose profession,  passion or need is to help themselves and other people to get better and feel better will benefit from turning his/her gentle touch into a healing touch, and should take at least Reiki I class with attunements. In my opinion any mother can benefit her children by having the ability to channel Reiki energy.

Spiritual ministers, pastors, priests, medical doctors and nurses, people with the passion to send balancing energy across the globe, helping sick disturbed and dying, healing physical, mental and spiritual unbalances - will benefit from taking Reiki II class with attunements.

Higher levels are recommended for people who want through practice enhance their skills as healers (Reiki III) and teachers (Reiki Master).

How to register for Reiki Classes?

There is a prerequisite in a form of first Reiki Session with me. We get to know each other, we talk about your interest and your motivation to become a healer. I also answer your questions pertaining the subject of Reiki Healing System and energy healing concept. You also get a 30-45 minute Reiki session from me. It is important for you to know how it feels to be deeply relaxed and open for spiritual healing. For me it is a chance to get to know you from a subtle energy bodies.

The first session costs $70 and it is a 90 minute service. If you or myself do not find any trust, any chemistry between a teacher and a student you may not register for your class. It is more important to have a good relationship with your Master that you may even realize, trust me. If you want to continue with learning we will schedule your class.

Classes are small and I am willing to devote all my time even to one student if I sense that a person will really use the energy for the Highest Good. Prices for classes are listed here

Proceed to the Appointment webpage and send me your appointment form. Thank you for your interest. This Planet need many Light Workers and Healers.


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Classes

Teaching is provided on all Usui levels. Teaching Manual and a Certificate are included in the price of a course. Reiki energy in its broad frequency spectrum is characterized on the page "About Reiki."

The prerequisite reiki session (90 minutes, $70) is recommended, so the student and the master can get to know each other before they embark on a teaching or learning process. I recommend that you choose you master wisely. There are many places where reiki classes are being offered. It is worth to invest your time and $60 to meet your potential master, to get Reiki session from her and feel if this is a right choice. So, book your first session with me.

Reiki I is offered during one full day of instruction and practice (5-6 hours). Students receive four attunements. It is a powerful initiation to the energy healing. For at least 21 days a student is encouraged to give Reiki energy to him/herself. Reiki I level attunements will empower you to start channeling Reiki energy. This ability will be never taken away from you, even if you stop believing in it and practice regularly. This level is your self-healing level. You channel Reiki energy to your physical body for your highest good. You ar taught how to do it.

Reiki II are given approximately 5-7 hours of instruction and practice in two separate sessions scheduled at least one week apart. Multiple classes will require longer time due to the personal attention given to each student. At least two students for a given class are preferred due to a very effective practice on each other. Maximum 8 students are accepted for a given class. Homework is expected. Minimum 21 days is required between a Reiki I graduation and a Reiki II course. Suggested reading is recommended before and between classes. Teaching Manuals and Certificates are included in the price of the courses. Reiki II level attunements will give you the opportunity to heal your Inner Child, your past life karmic obligations, to send a distant healing to people and situations. You will be taught 3 Reiki symbols: the Power, the Distance and the Balance symbols. With this level of attunement you will become a member of world wide healers who by combining their intentions can make a difference by healing this precious planet and the human race. This is a big obligation and you must take it seriously.

A recommended text book for Reiki I and II levels: "The Spirit of Reiki" by Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjave Petter and William Lee Rand.

Reiki III – 12 hours if instruction and practice in three separate sessions.  Maximum four students are accepted for this level course. Theory and practice is emphasized. Students are taught new symbols and a powerful method of giving Healing Attunements to others. Intuition in healing is stressed out. Practice of different approaches to healing is shown and encouraged to master. Reiki III Master Practitioners work with the energy on the Master level. They cannot teach or attune others to Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher program is available to committed students who want to become teachers of Reiki. This course can be also arranged as a continuation of the Reiki III Master Practitioner course or separate if a candidate can proof achieving the Reiki III attunement level (8) with other masters. The body - mind - spirit communication is taught and intuition heightened. A live-long master through learning and practice is expected. Additional 8 yours of teaching and a final attunement is offered.

Karuna Reiki® Classes

Karuna Reiki is taught using the original materials provided by the International Center for Reiki Training. The certificates will be also issued be the Center. There is an additional cost for all the materials on the top of my teaching fees. The approximate extra cost will be $30 but it may change, because it is not up to me to set it up. I am a certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and I am obligated to follow this rule.

Read about Karuna Reiki first. A recommended text book for all levels is "The Book On Karuna Reiki® - Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World" by Laurelle Shanti Gaia.

Karuna Reiki classes are offered only to those with a prior Usui Shiki Rayoho attunements. Prerequisites are as follows:
To start Karuna Reiki I you must be a Usui Reiki II practitioner. Karuna Reiki II are available for Usui Reiki III Master Practitioners. The Karuna Reiki Master program is available only for Usui Masters.

Karuna Reiki I teaches 4 Level I symbols and their applications useful in the following:

  • Past life issues, child abuse, cellular healing, spiritual anesthetic, preparation
  • Unconscious patterns, shadow self, abuse issues, psychological or psychic "attack"
  • Relationships, addictive behavior, develop healthy habits, develop universal compassion
  • Harmonize chakras, focus, lower chakras, goals, manifestation, grounding, sealing session, clearing objects, room and property

Karuna Reiki II teaches 4 Level II symbols and their applications useful in the following:

  • Align with higher self, learning, communication, creativity, motor skills
  • Grounding, manifestation, priorities, healing humanity
  • Personal Divine power, co-dependence, reality awareness, empower goals, heal the Earth
  • Create peace, trust in life, insomnia, fear, panic, clairvoyance

Karuna Reiki I and II levels require approximately 4-5 hours of teaching each and may be arranged in one or two sessions depending on the number of participants.

Karuna Reiki Master level requires 8-10 hours of teaching and is offered in two separate sessions.

Please refer to the Schedule and the Prices web pages for more information.

Reiki Wisdom Graduates

By the current year (2014) Reiki Wisdom graduated:

  • 47 Reiki I Practitioners
  • 27 Reiki II Practitioners
  • 6 Reiki III Masters Practitioners
  • 2 Usui Reiki Master Teachers
  • 2 Karuna Reiki II Practitioners
  • 1 Karuna Reiki Master

I, the Reiki Master Teacher Eva, do not believe in the effectiveness of multiple classes creating Reiki I practitioners on Saturday, Reiki II practitioners on Sunday, and over a next weekend a new Reiki Master Teacher. Simply speaking it doesn't work that way. It is not a problem of memorization and even understanding the material provided in the classroom environment. Dealing with subtle energy is not the same as dealing with any other subject we are accustomed to learn. It requires time, dedication, and wanting to feel and experience the energy. Also the practical application of principles of Reiki (Just for today do not anger, do not worry and be filled with gratitude, devote yourself to your work and be kind to people and yourself) requires internal acceptance which sometimes goes against your ego and your logic.  You must heal yourself and continue doing it. We all are to the certain degree wounded healers. It is a good practice to try to minimize that.

Request your class sending me an appointment form for your first Reiki session with your will to study Reiki.

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