Reiki Sessions in Staunton, VA
Who could benefit from a Reiki Session
Service Process Result Beneficiary Time Commitment
Usui Shiki Rayoho Reiki, often complemented with a selected reflexology treatment. Cleanses the four lower chakras and brings healing energy to all body organs. Focuses on the smooth energy flow through the physical body. Heals the body. Brings a deep relaxation. For those experiencing physical pain or illness, or wanting to relax. Once a month or as needed
Karuna Reiki Works energetically from the Spiritual, through the Astral to the Physical plane, bringing communication and harmony to all subtle bodies. Cellular memory release to ease insomnia, fear, panic. Harmonizes chakras, focusing lower chakras on goals, manifestation, and grounding and upper chakras on open communication. For those seeking balance in mental disturbance like depression, addiction to anger and worries, low self esteem, etc. Twice a month or as recommended by a Master
Kundalini Reiki Creates a vertical connection between the chakras allowing the process of gentle release of stored and blocked energies along the spinal cord and within chakras. Kundalini Reiki is the antidote to improper Kundalini awakening, brings a nervous system into harmony. For those who need to heals nervous system, birth and childhood traumas as well as past life karmic blockages. As needed
Aura Cleansing with Reiki Releases blockages from the aura, Reiki harmonizes the energy flow in the physical and subtle bodies. Calmness, raised awareness, self-realization. For those who feel being trapped by mental or spiritual forces. As needed
Combination of Reiki and other healing modalities.

Process is totally guided by the intuition and knowledge of the Reiki Master. It addresses the physical mental and psychological unbalance. This is the most natural combination of energy frequency which can benefit anybody.

Better results in meeting the client's needs and expectations. Often "a homework" required in a form of mental and physical exercises and affirmations. The treatment is beneficial for people undergoing a chemotherapy, recovering from surgeries, suffering from Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Migraines, and other serious illnesses. Twice a month, sometimes weekly
How to prepare for the session and what to expect

You should not come to the session with a full stomach. Eat a light meal with no alcohol or coffee at least one hour before the session. Drink plenty of water particularly after the session.

You will meet Eva, the Reiki Master Teacher. You are encouraged to share with Eva what is troubling you (pain, stress, etc.) so that she can address that particular issue. If you filled out the downloaded forms prior to coming you can hand them to Eva at this time. If not, you will be given time to do it before the session. You will sign the disclaimer stating that

  • The Reiki practitioner is not a physician and is not licensed by the state
  • Reiki serves only as a method of relaxation and stress reduction and it is not a substitute to any medical treatment

The Reiki receiving room with a massage table, dimmed light, soft music will welcome you to its good vibrant energy.

You remain fully clothed during a Reiki session, but you'll want to take off your shoes, belt, watch, eyeglasses, etc. While on the table you can close your eyes and totally relax; falling into a deep meditation state is normal.

Your positive emotional state during the Reiki session is crucial to the success. Try to concentrate on the positive affirmation for today.

Undergoing the Reiki session at the Reiki Wisdom Place

First Reiki Session: This 90 minute service starts with a discussion so that I understand your needs. Following the talk, you will receive a 45-60 minute Reiki session to raise the level of your comfort with the energy and to understand how it feels. By the end I will present to you the most beneficial for you follow-up treatment.

The Reiki session is a sacred time during which you are receiving Reiki energy through the Eva's hands. She will say some prayers out loud or silently to aid her spiritual connection and good intention for the session. Tell her if you want to pray or meditate together. Remember that while Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. She will ask you for your intentions for this session. Without intention which serves your higher good the energy will not flow. Eva will always intend to channel the energy for your highest good.

Eva's hands may hover above your body when working with Reiki energy within your aura. She may also move her hands to different parts of your body (if you give her permission to do it) as a way to direct Reiki. You may feel the heat coming from her hands and this is normal.

Reiki energy may be perceived as tingling, vibrating, warmth or coolness, electrical, or nothing at all. Many times it depends on the awareness a person has of the physical body and whether a person is open to feeling what is happening during a session. Every person is different and each experience is different, as is each situation or issue. It is a misconception that Reiki energy flows only when hands of practitioner's are hot. Icy cold hands channel Reiki energy also.

You travel your individual healing path. The most important part in the treatment is your connection with the Reiki energy and your positive attitude. You may use an affirmations "I know I am healing now and I am grateful."

The more you distance yourself from your daily problems, and ease your mind, the more effective the Reiki session will be.

Results can be instantaneous or gradual when energy balancing and healing requires time to be effective.

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