Text Box: Sessions
Usui, Usui/Karuna or Karuna Reiki Session: Channeling to your body, to your aura, to both feeling and willing parts of your chakras. Empowering and relaxing session. 90 minutes service.
Healing Attunement provides energy to succeed in the areas of healing and prevention, removing negative energy blocks and empowering goals. This sacred session composed of meditation, interview and attunement opens your chakras, invites healing process on all levels, empowers you to meet your goals.
Aura Cleansing. Problem identification  and aura cleansing to remove energy blocks outside of the physical body.
Reflexology and Reiki. Reflexology massage of your feet, hands, ears, and face with a powerful touch of Reiki to address  particular aches and pains in your body, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. 60 minute service.
Reiki and Reflexology. Focus on Reiki with additional reflexology massage directed on one of the following areas: feet, hands, ears, or face. Highly therapeutic 90 minutes service.
Reiki session with reflexology can be customized to meet your needs. Price will vary.
Consultation: Evaluation of the energy level in your meridians, recommendation of methods to improve your energy level, a plan for fighting insomnia, and reduction of pains in your body, etc. Price depends of time spent with practitioner: $60-$70
Counseling and meditation to make you stronger to  decide parting with anger, fear, anxiety, and accepting forgiveness, compassion and love for yourself and towards others. 60 minute service.
Distance Reiki sends healing energy to people, situations, places as per request for the highest good of a recipient. Information on intention and recipient identification can be sent through the website appointment form.
Monthly Gatherings for Manifesting Desires, Book Club and Intuitive Healing.
The Sedona Method Workshops practicing a powerful technique to release unwanted emotions present in your consciousness at any moment.  Group rates apply.  See the website for the details.

Reiki I and Reiki II are given approximately 5-7  hours of instruction and practice in two separate sessions.
Reiki III  9 hours if instruction and practice in three separate sessions.  Theory and practice emphasized.
Reiki Master Teacher program is also available by request and appointment.
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Text Box: Reiki Wisdom offers services dealing with subtle energy.

Where East meets West

Reiki energy is a gift, therefore is free.  You pay for time spent with your Reiki Master.

the relaxing, healing, energizing and motivating
Power of Reiki Energy
in your body and mind.

Prices for Classes

Reiki I with 4 attunements: $180

Reiki II with 2 attunements: $200

Reiki III with 2 attunements: $350

Multiple classes welcome

Prices for sessions

60 minute service: $60

90 minute service: $70-$90

Healing Attunement: $70

Aura Cleansing: $60