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A message from Eva:

During our sessions we share something so subtle, so sacred, so unique, and yet so powerful. Each session with a client changes me forever. This is a marvelous mystery of something sacred, larger then us, present in this Reiki Wisdom Sanctuary that makes us relax, smile, shiver, cough, laugh, snore. We pretend to be a bee breading out our negativity. I sometimes see rainbow colors when people are breathing in a healing light. I look forward to every session. I love the feeling when my hands tingle, warm up and channel this wonderful Universal Life Force Energy which affects me and my clients.

Reiki Energy made a big impact on my health and life. For many years, I suffered from severe arthritis. It became so painful that I was unable to hold a pen or lift a cup of tea. Arthritis also affected my back and my hips. I tried everything to stop the pain. I saw traditional experts in the field and alternative methods: everything from acupuncture to the cortisone shots. But, I was still in pain. I even stopped enjoying walking my dogs. My friend Maria, a Reiki Master and an experienced Massage Therapist, traveled from Michigan to help me. Three days of therapy helped tremendously and brought me hope.

Months later, I signed up for a Reiki Class and this decision changed my life. Amazingly, I no longer have arthritis or other pains. I do not take any supplements and my body self-regulates beautifully. You may see me on line being interviewed in the YourSourceTV.net program "Reiki as Energy, a Method of Healing and a Way of Living."

I welcome all of my clients to share their experience with me.


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki® Master
Kundalini Reiki Master

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"I can't say enough about Eva and her teaching style.  I was looking for the right instructor for quite some time and I am ecstatic I crossed her path.  I am now a Reiki II practitioner.  Eva's healing abilities are out of this world.  She captivates her students by speaking to each of them through a group setting - you are learning and advancing on so many levels.  Not only do you hear her mastery, you experience it.  If you are looking for a healer with extraordinary abilities, a Reiki Master Teacher or spiritual coach you have hit the virtual jackpot!   I love her!  

~Carol Waer~}

Dear Eva,

I have not experienced reiki before with such a gifted spiritual mentor as you.  It began with sessions to treat my insomnia and as my sleep has improved dramatically, through your mentorship, our  sessions naturally transformed into reiki sessions exploring my spiritual path.  This was totally unexpected but it has been a fascinating journey. 

Your lively and down to earth reiki sessions are filled with personal warmth and I feel like I am receiving the universal energy from a good friend.  I always look forward to our regular sessions like a new adventure. 

Claire Suen

I have kept in shape for the past 20 or so years by playing racquetball 3 to 4 times a week, something I greatly enjoy and the only sport I've ever played seriously. I came to Eva for pain and limited range of motion in my elbow.  The cause for this elbow problem was unknown, but it had been preventing me from playing racquetball for over 4 months. I tried ice and heat therapy regularly for several weeks -- no help at all. I bough a home ultrasound device and used that regularly for several weeks -- also no help at all.  Finally I went to an orthopedist, who ordered a CT Scan which showed I had large amounts of fluid around, and an inflamed synovial membrane around, the elbow joint.  The doctor said it just needed time for the fluid to reabsorb, and that it could up to six more months of resting the elbow.  

Not satisfied with this response, I decided to try Reiki, which I'd heard about a few years earlier but had never felt a need to experience.  I quickly found Eva through a web search for Reiki in my area, and made an appointment.

Although this elbow pain was the impetus for coming to Eva, she also asked about my overal medical history, and I shared my other physical ailments, including ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, and reynaud’s syndrome – all, like the elbow pain, abnormal inflammatory conditions. I also shared with her several other unusal conditions that I’d never gotten a name for: hands and feet that were always cold (so cold that for the prior 2 years I have had to wear light acrylic gloves indoors at home and even at work, feet so cold that I bought fur-lined boots with an electronic heating system); unexplained redness and heat in my earlobes that would last for 10-30 minutes at a time. Eva believed that all of these things were connected.

After our discussion, I had the first Reiki session on the table. It was pleasant and relaxing, but I felt nothing unusual besides some warmth around my head when Eva first placed her hands near me.

The second 90-minute session with Eva was spent talking – going through the "Emotion Cleanup Procedure" and talking about forgiveness. During this session and in the week following, Eva encouraged me to release any anger or negative emotions I felt towards anyone, and to truly forgive. I came to the realization that anger and negative emotions are completely counterproductive; that we are all brothers and sisters traveling through this temporary journey we call life, and that we are all trying to do our best while on this world. By the third session, I had compelety embraced forgiveness and let go of all negative emotions in my life.

My 3rd Reiki session with Eva was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. After a very brief two or three minute discussion, we went right to the table. Eva had a sudden realization, triggered by something her daughter had told her earlier in the day – a dream her daughter had about Eva fighting off some sort of infection. She explained that what might be causing all of my suffering was some sort of infection – not necessarily one that our earthly doctors can detect with a blood test or any other medical device, but an infection nonetheless.

Again I felt immediate warmth when Eva placed her hands near my head. Very soon after she started, my hands and feet began to tingle. The tingling became stronger and stronger and within a very short time I felt it not as a tingle, but as a very strong vibration – a vibration so strong that I felt that I literally could not move my hands or feet. Although I know my legs and feet were fully on the table, the vibration made me feel as though my feet were floating slightly above the table. For some time (seemed like 10 or 15 minutes) I felt the vibration only in my hands and feet. As Eva continued, the vibration in my feet spread throughout my entire legs to the point where my legs and feet felt like pure vibrating energy, hovering slightly off the table.

At some point during the session, Eva asked if she could remove my gloves (which I had kept on initially b/c my hands were cold as always).  Of course I said yes – and she began focusing her energy on my hands one at a time. As she did this, the powerful vibration that had been in my hands and feet, then legs, spread throughout my arms. At this point, and for the rest of the session, all my extremities continued to vibrate.

After the scheduled session "ended," I could not move because my body was still vibrating so much that I felt paralyzed. I wound up spending another 90 minutes or so on the table – all told about 3 hours. 

This 3rd Reiki session with Eva was nothing short of a miracle . . . I woke up the next morning more alive and refreshed than I’d ever felt, with strong feelings of joy and happiness and love.  My elbow has felt fine since the day after that miraculous Reiki session; I have gone back to playing racquetball with no problems.  My hands and feet no longer get cold.  My ears no longer turn red for no apparent reason.  Although there is no know medical cure for reynaud's syndrome, it vanished after that miraculous Reiki session.  Most amazingly, a few months after that miraculous Reiki session, I went in for a routine follow-up colonoscopy to monitor my ulcerative colitis and diverticulosis.  Although both of these are, like Raynaud's, considered medically incurable, they were both gone.  Absolutely no signs of either ulcerative colitis or diverticulosis. 

Since this amazing experience I have recommended Reiki and Eva to my family, my friends, my employees, my clients, and anyone else who I encounter who happens to mention experiencing any type of health problem.  I can not recommend Eva, and Reiki in general, highly enough.  I have obtained Reiki I through Eva and am currently working with her to obtain my Reki II certification. As a Certified Elder Law attorney who specializes in helping families get the best possible care for their loved ones in a nursing home, I am in the process of establishing a non-profit organization to help bring Reiki healing into nursing homes across the country, where this gentle and wonderful healing therapy is desperately needed.

If you are new to Reiki, or skeptical, my advice to you is to simply do it.  Eva says that not everyone experiences the type of miraculous healing that I did, but the potential is always there.  Just do it.  You will not be disappointed.
Evan H. Farr, CELA
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Hi Eva,
I've had no trouble practicing Reiki on a daily basis, I'm happy to report.  I have been working on myself - with tremendous benefit - and have noticed a lot of positive changes overall.  Those around me have noticed it as well, especially my boyfriend.  Yes, I have worked on him twice so far and each time he starts out somewhat skeptical, but by the end of the session is in this blissful and peaceful state. 
Just yesterday I did a session with him and he asked if I had put something on my hands.  They were BURNING hot as soon as I started.  My face got very hot and sweaty too as I was moving in the positions.  He started getting really cold.  He's never cold. He described it as just feeling icy except where my hands were. 
I am journaling the journey because everyday, I am experiencing miracles.  For the first time, I have completed a week of my life just the way I wanted.  I ate right, worked out, smiled at work, my house is nice and tidy and I'm happy to be HERE, where I am. 
The dog is happy too! 
The amazing thing is that I don't feel any pressure to do these things - it's always "just for today"... so it makes me feel connected and able to see the present state as my only. 
Last Saturday my life changed.  I didn't feel different instantly but things have shifted dramatically since. 
With love,
I was initially skeptical of reiki and its benefits.  In fact, during my first session, I found myself unable to stop giggling.  Eva was understanding and supportive, and encouraged me to laugh as much as I liked.  It felt great!  After other follow-up sessions, I started to take reiki much more seriously.  I always feel healthier and more relaxed after sessions.  What a rare and wonderful opportunity to ground ourselves in the present moment and receive energy work and love!

Thanks Eva/Mom,

Eva you will have to excuse the delay in submitting this to your Testimonial Page. If someone would look at my Life and comment about anything but the last seven years they would come to the conclusion that in a myriad of ways, my life has been blessed. Since 2003 my family and I have been faced with a series of challenges that some would say were "curses".

When I first appeared to you Eva I was a tired, bitter man waiting for Death. I had experienced a multitude of blessings in the past that included a classical education in the accepted Newtonian based scientific method in the training of a Medical Doctor. I was fortunate to have received an excellent Liberal Arts education at the Jesuit,  University of San Francisco between 1970-1974. A life long dream was realized when I was fortunate enough to be accepted to and attend one of the top ten Medical Schools in the United States, UCLA School of Medicine between 1974-1978. During this intensive schooling it always felt like one was two weeks behind no matter how diligent one would be at  studying. The classical Newtonian scientific method of hypothesis and development of methods  for researching  answers available and verifiable in the Physical world as well as vigorous methods of memorization of formulas, concepts and mainstream medical thinking were the essence of this education. It was initially here that I realized in a Psychology course that touched on Kerlian Photography  perhaps there were concepts and ideas just being developed that would augment and try to explain ideas that were only slowly being discovered. These ideas dealt  more with the concept of Energy Medicine than the  conventional cause and effect in the purely physical realm.     

Successfully finishing Medical School and continuing my training in the specialty of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine I approached and managed my patients in the Newtonian method classically accepted and taught in graduate medical education. My excellent training provided by the US Army was challenging and forced responsibility on one  at a very early stage in a medical career. Again I was blessed with Letterman Army Medical Centers close educational ties with institutions such as UCSF, Stanford, Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, WA as well as Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City,UT for various clinical rotations. This allowed me to experience both the challenges of a US Army Medical Corps Officer as well as an education from leading civilian US Medical Centers.  My training was such that I was able to pass both my written and Oral Board examinations on the first attempt and received an appointment as a Staff Physician at the US Army's premier Medical Center, Walter Reed. While there I was able to continue my experiences, becoming Chief of the Ambulatory Surgical Center for almost six years, numerous "temporary duty" deployments to Europe as a guest lecturer in Anesthesiology, as an augment to the "White House Medical Team" for the Reagen/Gorbachev Iceland Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1986. In early 1987 a "surgical team" was temporarily deployed to Maahdi Egyptian Army Hospital in Cairo. These experiences also included the responsibility of being involved in the Anesthetic care of many General Officers,  their families as well as attending to the anesthetic needs of various Congressman, Senators and their families. I eventually became the Asst Chief ANES&OP SVC at WRAMC and was the "acting chief of Anesthesia" the Friday in 1988 when then Senator Biden was taken to WRAMC with two "leaking" Intracerebral Artery Aneurysms" requiring immediate surgery.

I left government service in 1988 to begin Private Practice with Fairfax Anesthesiology Associates in 1988 through 2004. While there the demands of this practice improved on my abilities as a Physician as well as participating in two medical missions to the Philippines.     

Turning 50 years of age in 2003 I was diagnosed with Colo-Rectal CA, underwent two surgeries for tumor removal and subsequent "taking down " of an ileostomy. I continued work even in spite of six weeks of Radiation Therapy, oral Chemotherapy and eventually IV Chemo. By December of 2004 metastatic spread of the CA was confirmed in both lungs and at that time the IV Chemotherapy left me with an Upper and Lower extremity neuropathy, difficulty in fine motor coordination of my hands and elements of "cognitive dyskinesia" (Chemo Brain) with a resultant 100% disability. Still undergoing Chemotherapy in 2006 my wife was diagnosed with Left Ovarian Carcinoma and she underwent surgery and her own Chemo. Still as a patient receiving my own Chemo I was a primary care giver to my wife until her death on April 18, 2007.     

I first came to you as a bitter, grieving man in both physical as well as emotional distress. I asked that if it was possible for assistance in my outlook on life, some pain alleviation, a better ability to interact with my Attorney son as well as being able to die with dignity. I would gratefully accept anything else positive that I received. For the two years following my wife's death I was waiting to die myself. With your help as a friend but also a skilled Reiki Master I have learned a kinder, gentler way of life with emphasis on the universal power of Love emanating from a central, wonderful source that has many names, I call God.     

The slow realization that there was an incredibly powerful additional source of knowledge, power  and understanding that rivaled my classical Newtonian Medical training has affected me tremendously. My "eyes have been opened" to a fantastic world that has always been there, with new meaningful concepts as well as reception of this healing power has made an incredible change in my life. My "learning" experiences of the last seven years have revealed to me a better way of living and Spirituality that I have gladly accepted and cherish. I have been shown that these learning experiences have given me an appreciation for many things that I had overlooked for years. The concept of Energy medicine, Noetics, whatever it is called has benefited me mentally, Spiritually and emotionally. I cherish each day as a gift from God and am destined to live. I have accepted my Cancer as cells that have lost this "spark" of Love/Life from the Central Power of unconditional love that radiates from this source of all power and wisdom in the Universe (God). This universal power of Love can be directed as a source for healing of individuals as well as the world. This has been a great addition to my understanding of the added resources that can be employed both personally and for others as a Physician.     For a classically trained Physician to understand the immensity of things we are just starting to become aware of as well the great resources it freely offers has produced in me a positivity, Spirituality and hope for my future as well as Mankind's that is profound. The redirection of this wonderful loving energy for healing has allowed me to undergo both a physical and Spiritual rebirth with a constant underlying truth in my life, I will win. As John Wayne said in many of his movies, "God willing and the creeks don't rise", I will win. I give God, Reiki and the  teachings from my Reiki Master, Eva  my eternal gratitude in this "awakening of the sleeper".

Steven E. Brown, MD

Hi Eva,
I just want to say thanks so much for hosting the Friday night manifestation circles. Only a few weeks after setting my intention for "healing many through pilates and health counseling," I've already started seeing this intention come to fruition. Working on building my practice, one of my biggest concerns has been whether or not I will have clients. That being said, less than a month after setting my intention, I received a call from someone who desperately wants to sign up for pilates lessons with me. Furthermore, although I have not yet completed my training for health counseling, several people have informed me that they want to utilize my health counseling services.
And so it is!
Please feel free to share this testimony with others.
a place for health, fitness and empowerment
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Hi, Eva!
I wanted to send this along, because I think it is important to acknowledge when our hopes and dreams DO manifest.  Please feel free to share this with anyone you wish.
At the meeting last Friday, I didn't have my intentions written out, so I just whispered into the envelopes.  My desire was for a new job that would allow me the flexibility to take the classes I need, and still be able to bring money into the home.
Over the weekend, I mentioned to my wife that the perfect job for me right now would be 15-20 hours of contract programming a week at a reasonable rate for a few months, with an option to extend.
On Tuesday, an old friend and colleague, whom I had not heard from in several months, emailed me to ask if I might be available for contract work.  Today I received a follow-up email from him - the contract came through from his client, and he wants to give me 15-20 hours of work each week at a very good rate, for the next three months or so.  Additional work may follow as more contracts come in to his company.
How cool is THAT???
My thanks to everyone whose energy and intent contributed to this very, very welcome manifestation!!!
Once a month Reiki Wisdom offers a new service: a free reiki intuitive healing for one person by a group of healers focused only on the imagined "past the trouble" state of mind of the person who requested Reiki. I would like to share the healing process experience sent to me by one of my recent Reiki I graduate.

"I am a skeptical person by nature with a scientific mind that relies on personal experience over what someone just tells me to accept.  

On Friday, you had some of the students of various levels help out a subject who only expressed she wanted to play tennis again. So we all focused on her, and in my head, part of my thoughts went, "Oh, she has a bad arm or shoulder. Tennis elbow or something." I replied back to my thoughts, "NO! Let me figure it out. Maybe it's a test. Maybe she thinks she had tennis elbow, but really pulled a rib muscle that transfers the pain to her elbow. Whatever, I will find it ON MY OWN." My thoughts went, "I am betting you it's her forearm." And I replied, "Maybe it is, but let's not cloud the test with preconceived results."  I had a lot of noise in my head I had to clear.

There were maybe 7 of us in the healing room around the subject. It was crowded. I felt I needed to get around the table to let others get in this teeny room, but I suddenly heard a voice... thought thing go, "STAY HERE." So I stayed in a rather inconvenient place because I wanted to *experience* what it was to go by instinct. You had to practically crawl around me to get to your usual place, but I didn't want to move. You led us in group healing, and said, "feel for any place that tingles and feels different. Focus healing on this place."

Like lighting, my hands got hot in anticipation. I swear to God, they felt like someone had stuck them in hot, dry air. This I got from the attunement as well at the end of my Reiki I classes, but this time it wasn't explainable like I had just rubbed my hands or had to concentrate before they got hot, which I have to admit, I wondered about. They got hot on their own. I felt like there should be a sound effect like a deep hum of some scientific equipment even though there was not.

Missy was next to me on my right, and you were next to me at the feet of the subject to my left. I alternated opening and closing my eyes, trying to keep from falling and banging into people. But I felt like I HAD to close my eyes, or I would get distracted by the assorted brick-a-brack around the room. Without knowing it, and at first I felt this was just common sense, I got closer to the subject.  Later Missy would tell me she also felt "drawn" to the subject. Perhaps it was not balance after all.

I noticed different things.  While I could SEE Missy's energy from her hands, I could FEEL your energy from your body. There were other people near me where I could see various... for lack of a better word... "cold mist" come from their hands. So I said I was getting distracted and tried to feel where "something" was. Back and forth, and soon, as you said it would, my hands felt drawn to an area and didn't want to leave there. So I stayed by the subject's right ankle. How did it "feel?" Well, a little warmer than the rest, maybe a little more like thicker air, and my fingers tingled. So I felt around to see where the "edges" were, but whatever I did, like a lazy magnet, they went back to the same place so I went, "Okay. I have made my decision. Right or wrong, I am camping here.  Not like I could get to her tennis elbow from here anyway"

I didn't notice until later that I didn't have to "balance" anymore, the Reiki did it for me.GL"

It turned out, the subject strained muscles in her right foot, what also affected her ankle. She got energy she needed even if other group healers channeled the energy to other parts of her body.  Reiki energy has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to go. I am proud of my new Reiki I graduate, an intuitive and open minded healer.  It takes time and practice not to listen to your mind voices but follow up the hands guidance and enjoy observing what the energy is doing by itself.

In January 2009 I had an honor and a pleasure to teach and graduate seven new Reiki I Practitioners. In my understanding the process of bringing to the Planet more people who are attuned to "listening" to the loving energy through their hands and hearts will cause the strengthening the balancing vibrations we all need. The more the better!The group was widely diversified, comprising people from different walks of life: from a medical doctor through a shaman, artists, a computer expert, a writer, an intuitive mother, to a bright young musician. People soon became friends, openly sharing their unique experiences between classes and during Reiki attunements. I received a permission to share the following letter sent to me after the class was over.

"Dear Eva, I know that I shared this in class already, but I wanted to get it written down, and so I thought I'd send it to you to read. I'm curious to hear what you think about my experience during my Reiki I attunement.While waiting for my turn in the circle, I was meditating. I was in a familiar place that I go to regularly in meditations, where there is nothing but bright, lavender-gray clouds. I was enjoying this quiet place when I noticed a doorway in the lower right corner of my vision. A glowing ball of orange light was halfway outside the doorway, filling the space. I considered going through it, but something about the color felt wrong to me, and so I moved away instead. Then I saw a massive Gothic pointed archway, with a glimpse of the ocean beyond it. I could see a deep purple-gray sunset with a bright coral-colored sun low on the horizon as I moved through this archway. For a moment I was alone, but then I noticed spirits, or people, starting to emerge. These people were all in the same form, a very simple flat white light with borders of yellow and blue. They were very bright and filled with positive energy. There were at least 50-100 of these spirits, and though they weren't speaking to me, I could sense they all felt the same thing: "Finally! Finally! Welcome!" They were so excited, and they were all there for me, giving me so much love and acceptance.That was when your dogs started barking, when these beings first appeared to me. And they were so excited and so animated I could feel their energy all around me and through me vibrating so high. They couldn't wait for me to have this! I nearly opened my eyes to see if anyone else was reacting to this because it was so strong for me, but I could hear you quietly giving attunement to Steven and so I just tried very hard to keep from laughing as these spirits danced all around me and cheered, and touched me and congratulated me. I was so overwhelmed, I almost felt like I had to shush them! Especially since your puppies kept barking!Then it was finally my turn, and when you touched my shoulder the spirits cheered and danced and I am very sorry that I interrupted but I just had to laugh when the dogs started barking again. And then when you were finished and moved to Greg, everything was quiet. There was an overwhelming feeling of  peace within me, and I started to cry from the joy of it. I could feel the presence by my left shoulder and I knew somehow this was Jonathan standing by me. And when I realized that, I felt a warmth on my shoulder so I know it was true.The second round of attunements were not as eventful. My friends were not as animated this time, but I did have the same emotional reaction afterwards. I remembered asking them who they were at one point and the answer was "It doesn't matter, we are so happy! Welcome!"I wanted to write this to you because even just a day afterwards it is slipping away from me and doesn't seem as real...but I remember the sensations at the time and it was so beautiful and real to me and so wonderful...it was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. Thank you, Eva.With love,

Psoriasis looks like a skin disease, but in truth it is an immune disorder. With this disorder, the surface of the skin forms large flakes of skin over bright red inflamed areas. It is itchy, and at its worst it is painful as the skin cracks, bleeds, and peels, especially in the dry winter air. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was twelve, and I was told by doctors that smelly, sticky creams and painful, time-consuming laser treatments could help it, but it would never go away completely. For twenty years I accepted this disorder as a part of me, half-heartedly trying different prescriptions over the years. I lived with the embarrassment of flakes in my hair through high school ( even trying the recommended shampoo with tar in it), and when I bought my first brand- new car I regretted that it had black upholstery as it became covered in skin flakes from my elbows, which were the worst affected area.

I had had a few Reiki sessions with Eva for relaxation before I mentioned this disorder to her. It had been such a part of me for so long that it hadn’t even occurred to me to mention it to her, but this time I was under such a tremendous amount of stress that I was experiencing a major flare-up. I had psoriasis on my nose, eyelids, scalp, ears, legs, arms, chest, underarms, and large patches on my elbows. We discussed it together and after some research, Eva started to administer Facial Reflexology and Meridian work along with the Reiki.

Three months later after 5 sessions, I am nearly free of breakouts. Now, I have just traces of scarring on my elbows with very minor flakes that are more like dry skin rather than the dime-sized pieces I used to be able to peel off twice a day. Even though the stressful environment I am in has gotten even more intense, I am able to cope by following the guidance Eva has given me in accepting stressful situations and then releasing them. This skin disorder that has been a part of me for twenty years is fading fast. My skin is clear and soft, and I am so incredibly grateful for this transformation due to the beautiful energy of Reiki.


Hi Eva,Greetings.

Yes, I authorize you to post my testimonial at your homepage.
Grateful Wanderley.

Wanderley found my web site searching the Internet from Brazil. In his request for distant Reiki he specified his problems as: ANEMIA, SEVERE DEPRESSION, WEAR KNEE CARTILAGEBelow I present our correspondence because you may better understand that receiving Reiki energy is not a passive process. You must have a strong will and desire to heal.

"Hello Wanderley,
There is a homework required of you.
Take 3 deep breaths several times a day and say to yourself: "I am here and now and only at this moment I have power to change my life.  I choose to see, recognize and list thinks I am grateful for."
Forget for this moment that you have labeled yourself as a depressed man. Write several thinks you are grateful for.  As your list grows, read it to yourself before going to bed.
During the Reiki transfer be willing to accept the energy for your highest good.  Remain calm, continue breathing and try not to engage your mind into thinking.  Will a thought arrive, just say to it: It is just another thought, not giving it a power.
Let me know how your list is growing and how you feel.  You will have many "aha" moments realizing that even breathing is wonderful, and not only taking a walk in a park; feeling sun rays on your face can bring a smile you should be grateful for, etc. Life is composed of small things and small steps leading to another NOW AND HERE.  What we really have is NOW AND HERE"

Hello Wanderley,
I would like you to know that I have sent you Reiki energy twice already (Friday and Monday).  I have not received any single word from you.  How do you feel?  Do you want me to continue?  I will send Reiki energy tomorrow, as scheduled

Hi Eva,
Excuse for delay. I had been waiting for the end of the sessions to, then answer. I'm feeling very well, amplification vitality, reduced pain in knees, less and less depression. Please, if possible, follow up in distant healing. Gratitude to you. Wanderley.

Hello Wanderley,
We lost touch with each other,  How do you feel? Is any progress with your knee pain, anemia and depression?

Hi Eva,
I am healed. I feel great. No anemia, no depression, no knee pain.
I am grateful to you. I am in your site and following your instruction.
Thank you, very, very much.

This letter made my day.
Thank you, Wanderley, for giving me the opportunity to share with you this wonderful frequency of Life Force Energy called Reiki.

  I first experienced the awesome power of Reiki over 12 years ago when my cousin, who is Reiki Master Teacher, came for one of her visits from her home in Japan.  It was a wonderful experience and I occasionally thought I needed to seek out someone for sessions.  I didn't’t act upon those thoughts and spent the next 10 years raising my son, advancing in my career in the Army, and spending time with friends and family.
     A few days after Labor Day in 2006, I left work early to pick up my son from marching band practice.   That fateful afternoon, a man lost control of his car and accelerated across the median and hit my car head-on.    I believe it was a combination of my guardian angels and my Subaru Forester that saved me that afternoon; the driver of the other car did not survive the MEDEVAC flight to the trauma center.  The article in the Washington Post said that I had been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
     Non-life-threatening does not mean the injuries were not life-altering!  The impact caused a compound fracture of the bones in my lower right leg as well as a severe dislocation of my foot.  I had an initial operation to insert pins to put my bones back together and hold it all in place with an external fixator with rods screwed into my bones (one screwed all the way through my heel bone).  A few days later, the surgeon operated again to ensure maximum potential for me to walk normally when I recovered.  I could not walk for six weeks and aggressively pursued physical therapy for four months to regain as much range of motion as I could in my ankle.   One of the physical therapy exercises called for me to stand on my right foot, raise my left leg and reach for the stars.  I could not do it and freaked every time I tried.  I needed something help me overcome that blockage and to deal with post-traumatic stress that comes with a severe trauma such as this.  The trauma center offered trauma survivor therapy, but no sessions were available at the time I needed them.
     I decided that I would use Reiki as a means to overcome these issues and set about looking for a Reiki practitioner close to my home.  I did several internet searches and did a lot of reading about practitioners, and when I found Reiki Wisdom, I felt an instant connection with Eva.  In January 2007, I added Reiki sessions to my weekly physical therapy regimen.  Eva’s empathy and masterful use of Reiki helped me tremendously to overcome my initial issues. 
     I decided that I really wanted Reiki to be a part of my life and was attuned to Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II by two other Reiki master teachers.  I returned to work full-time in March of 2006 and continued to push myself to full recovery.  The physical demands of commuting and working in a new position didn’t leave me time for Reiki treatments from Eva.  I continued self-treatments, but missed the difference that Eva made.  I believe Eva’s empathy and the connection that we had initially made, brought me back to her for sessions.  It was very timely because, my orthopedic surgeon discovered that all the cartilage in my ankle was now completely gone and my options were limited.  I again started monthly sessions with Eva and we expanded treatments into reflexology and acupressure.  These Reiki-infused sessions for specific issues brought immediate relief.  I knew that I was leaving the Northern Virginia area to attend a senior service college and was privileged to have Eva complete my Reiki training to become a Reiki Master.  I also had the privilege of participating in Eva’s first manifesting your desires group session and two more sessions via distance.  All three of those sessions have been intense and I fell very important in my continued growth as a human and being of energy.
     Eva, I thank you for all you have done for me to help me grow in Reiki.  You will always have a special place in my heart!
                                                                Peace be with us all - Pam
Long Distance Reiki Energy helps people, and animals to balance their energy or even to recover from illnesses.
I am blessed to be an empty channel for this healing and balancing energy. Long life, Bagsie!

A beautiful card from C.E. reads:

"For the first time in many, many years I woke up smiling, not oppressed by many negative thoughts.  You have given me a priceless gift, Ms. Eva."

Thank you C.E. for your words. Eva

My name is Tanu & I live in VA.
I was suffering with sinusitis since last 2 months and going to doctors didn't help at all. I used to feel sick every day, had body aches, headaches, and was tired of taking medicines. As I am a reiki healer I realized I had a lot of anger inside me, but couldn't release them out of my system.
One day I decided to get help with reiki and contacted Eva for the first time. Although it was late in the evening and she was out of town she listened to my ailment and she said she would send me distance reiki.
The next day while I was chanting in the evening I realized I started to feel better and my sinus headache reduced all of a sudden. I didn't know that she was sending me distance reiki, until the next morning. As she started with the distance reiki I felt better each day and after a week I decided to visit her.
The reiki session was so powerful and it healed me inside out. My anger has almost gone and sinus seems to get better each day.
Eva is a wonderful and very loving human being.  I feel fortunate to get in touch with her and have got healing from her. I feel truly blessed to be in her presence in her home. I am truly glad and grateful.


Dear Eva,

I wanted to thank you for a sacred, wonderful, honest, powerful, moving introduction to reiki.  I was blessed to be with you this morning.  Thank you for taking such good care of me and for touching my life in such a beautiful, gentle way.  I will be in touch.



My Reiki Testimonial

My story is about severe chronic leg pain and how I am using Reiki to get rid of it. A Reiki miracle or happy ending hasn’t occurred yet, but I am sure that the pain will go away soon. My severe chronic leg pain is caused by stress from continuous family problems and crises spanning nearly two decades. The first occurrence of the pain came in the 7th year of family problems and lasted for 7 months. It was excruciating pain in my right hip that spread throughout my entire right leg and at times was accompanied with excruciating hip muscle spasms. It took 4 years including many doctor visits, 30 physical therapy sessions and several chronic pain reoccurrences totaling 22 months, before I finally figured out that the pain was caused by stress from family problems. This version of the chronic leg pain is called Tension Myositis Syndrome or “TMS”. It is frustration and anger suppressed in the unconscious mind over time and then transferred or “triggered” by the brain to another portion of the body in the form of oxygen deprived symptoms, or excruciating pain. The pain is triggered when a minor physical injury occurs. Every time I slightly injured my right leg, the excruciating pain occurred for at least a month. The resolution or “cure” is psychological. Once I believed that source of the pain was stress from family problems, the pain went away within a month and has not come back.

I believed that I had “conquered” the pain. However, version #2 started about a year ago and is the reason why I have come to Reiki for help. After my TMS leg pain went away, a series of family crises occurred that added a whole new level of ongoing stress that is now six years and counting. This chronic leg pain emerged shortly after I started chiropractic adjustments for a stiff neck and crooked spine. Although this pain is chronic and due to stress like my TMS leg pain, it is different in that it is now in both legs, not excruciating and not oxygen deprived pain. The pain level and location fluctuates constantly. To stop the pain, I tried the TMS psychological technique. It did not work and like the TMS pain, pain killers, physical therapy and hot water therapy also did not work.

Being interested in metaphysics and energy healing, I learned about Reiki. I searched the Internet for a Reiki self healing book. I found one written by a Reiki Master, read it in a day and attuned myself with the included MP3 attunement file recorded by the author. Even though I applied Reiki to myself every day, 3 chiropractic adjustments a week kept the pain level severe. After 6 months and 64 chiropractic adjustments, x-rays showed no improvement in my spine and my neck. I stopped the chiropractic adjustments in hopes that the pain would decrease. Unfortunately, it did not. I also wasn’t sure how powerful my self-Reiki was, so I developed two goals. The first was to get Reiki sessions from a Reiki practitioner and the second was to take a Reiki Level I attunement course.

My search on the Internet for a Reiki practitioner led me to Eva at Reiki Wisdom. I emailed Eva a short history of my chronic leg pain. She accepted me as a client and the next week was the beginning of twelve Reiki sessions followed by a Reiki Level I attunement.

Eva taught me that Reiki healing is much more than just a way to assist in the healing process of physical pain. Instead, Reiki is a “holistic” form of healing, a gentle yet powerful process where healing is about balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and soul with the truth of one’s own inner being. One must learn to “love” their body in order to “heal” their body. Since I was already doing self-Reiki, Eva wanted me to continue it with the emphasis on the ”now” or “as for today”, meaning that a Reiki healing session is focused on healing affirmations for the time of that session, not the future or the past. At the start of each session she would ask me what my affirmations were.

Eva has taught me the importance of the process of centering, grounding and protection before every Reiki session. This is meditation that makes the energy flow faster, smoother and easier. Centering cleanses your mind of negative energies of the day and allows peace, relaxation, forgiveness and love to enter your mind. Grounding is visualizing the anchoring of your energy from your root chakra to the center of the earth. Asking for divine protection ensures purity in the healing process. Also important during a session, is rhythmic breathing to eliminate carbon dioxide and bring in oxygen. Drinking plenty of water before and after a session flushes out toxins and allows the Reiki energy to be more effective. Eva stressed the importance of a healthy diet and creating “boundaries” for yourself which means that you should not do a self-Reiki session if you are not physically or mentally ready for one.

The first two sessions with Eva involved the cleansing of my negative energies which involves removing stress from negative thoughts and experiences from the mind and body, and mentally forgiving those who have caused you stress. She said that I had a lot of “stuck” negative energy and that my body was not easily accepting the Reiki energy. In subsequent sessions, Eva tested my kidney meridian and balanced my chakras. Every session was different. All of them relaxed me and increased the tingling in my body, specifically my legs and hands.

In addition to Usui Reiki, Eva also uses other forms of energy medicine, Kundalini Reiki, reflexology and places crystals on the body. Eva says each session is powerful for three days. Each session made my self-Reiki seem more powerful. During a typical session, I visualized several flashes of bright light and light blue, light green or light bluish-green (healing) colors. I experienced intense tingling in my legs and hands. My eighth session seemed to be breakthrough session. Eva said that my body was sucking in the Reiki energy more than ever. My entire body was tingling and I felt more heat from Eva’s hands than any previous session.

For my Reiki Level I attunement, Eva gave me the four Level I attunements in two combined attunements, both together. During the attunement, my body was tingling, especially my legs and hands. After the attunement, I read, accepted and signed five Reiki Health Affirmations. Eva said that I will notice many changes in myself and will be a different person. I am now a certified Reiki Level I healer. I feel that the attunement has given me more healing power and I am interested in taking the Reiki Level II attunement class from Eva.

With all of the Reiki I have received from Eva and my self-sessions, my chronic leg pain still remains. Why? Complicated issues surrounding my family problems and crises still continue. Eva says my feelings and thoughts are still deeply buried and are surfacing as pain now and that I am healing now. I must focus on the “now”. I must retrain my brain and be patient because training takes time. She says my leg pain must totally resurface and it will go away using Reiki. Healing “now” will result in my long term goal: Living a life without severe chronic leg pain!

Do I feel that Reiki has done me any good even though it is taking much longer than the psychological technique I used to get rid of the excruciating TMS pain? Yes. The following are the reasons why.

  • Reiki has reduced my chronic leg pain level some and has proven that it does get rid of my headaches and other minor physical pains. I no longer take pain killers for headaches and other minor pains, and get fewer headaches.
  • I can “feel” the Reiki energy; all of the time since my Level I attunement
  • Reiki has helped me identify and deal with negative energies.
  • Most important of all: Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are Reiki healer for life. Reiki energy never goes away and is never used up. Reiki is not harmful. Reiki can be used when you are healthy to keep you healthy as well as when you are ill or injured. Reiki changes you for the better.

- TJ

The desire for healing myself and others has always been part of my life.  I have been healing through yoga, different types of meditation and pranayam breathing exercises.  Opportunities to heal others began to manifest in my life more and more, over time. 

This spring, of 07, I was drawn to explore Reiki. That is when Eva and I found each other, and I am very glad we did.  I have received Reiki treatments from her and learned Reiki I and II under her guidance.  With Reiki, I have been able to clear myself more and more.  With my clearer being, I have been able to help others more effectively. 

Reiki is a beautiful, powerful, healing energy.  I am grateful that it is part of my repertoire.  I am grateful that Eva, who is a beautiful, respectful and very knowledgeable practitioner and teacher, has shared this gift with me.   



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